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Our Background

Mark & I are currently on a year long honeymoon (traveling in love; finding love in travel) and have decided that a  year isn’t nearly long enough. We’ve become so in love with  all the world has to offer and realized that traveling can truly change the world in so many ways. Social,cultural and environmental awareness bridges the gap to a better world. We love inspiring people to not only live a life of travel but to live their lives to the fullest.

Mark & I are very passionate individuals. We love helping people to further their business potentials in the field that we’re skilled at. We believe that the world is growing to be more of a shared economy. While we take monetary compensation we’ve opened ourselves up with multiple collaborations with different companies. As a part of this generation, we would like to offer our services in exchange of sponsorship/tours or accommodation.

Mark has a background in educational technology, information literacy and has a lot of experience with social media managing and marketing. He can help you analyze where you need more work to enhance the number of your target audience and media marketing.

Camille has an interior design background and has worked with both residential and big hospitality projects. She is open to giving consultations and reviews about your establishment and can advice on where you can improve aesthetically so your space will have a more inviting ambiance.

Mark & I are both foodies. We both enjoy a good sushi dinner and are a big seafood addicts. We’re always in search for the best places to eat. Whether its in the streets or at a fancy restaurant we’d love to try it out.

We believe that with our skill set we can drive a lot of value to your business.

365traveldates media kit

If you wanna partner with us fill in the contact form below. Here are the list of reviews, write ups, and other services we provide.

  • Tours review

  • Accommodation review

  • Interior design review and consultation

  • Food review

  • Product review

  • Media Partnership

  • City and country write ups

  • Advertising on our site

  • Tourism article consultation

  • Social media management/marketing


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