Villa Casuarinas Hotel Cali – A boutique resort at its finest

June 29, 2015

We arrived in Cali at the Palmira Airport and hopped into a taxi with the driver named Guillermo. There’s a counter at the airport that computes the total cost just by getting the address of your destination so we were reassured that it was completely safe. Guillermo was the most enthusiastic driver and he reassured he knew the place as he, apparently, is the go to airport taxi for the hotel. I wasn’t sure if he was just saying that but since he mentioned the name of the owner and then a few minutes called the hotel with his own phone and had me talk to the them, we were at ease. We had a fun and educated ride with Guillermo as he named all the town we passed by and told us what each town has to offer.


Entrance into main home

Entrance into main home

We got to the hotel right around midnight and was greeted by Hans the owner himself. He was very warm and walked us up to our room then check us in with our passports and told us a quick info about when breakfast was for the next day.


Outside view of the second home and the pool

Outside view of the second home and the pool

The hotel looked grand and beautiful coming in at night and we just couldn’tΒ imagine how it would look in the morning. The lobby was decorated with crystal chandeliers and beautifully crafted furnishings. We passed by the outdoor area where an incredibly beautiful pool was located. We got into our room and it was very spacious and had by far the most comfortable bed we’ve slept on. Having four pillows is always a plus, two of which had different softness and density. The bathroom is also nicely laidΒ out with an overhead rain shower. The pressure was perfect and the water warms up pretty well. Lets not forget the massive TV right in front of the bed. The area where we stayed was a separate structure from the house itself and so it felt very quite and private but regardless of where you stay in the property it really seemed like we are not at all in the city. A really wonderful escape.



We were woken up with a morning call reminding us of breakfast. I was particularly excited because we would finally see the place at day time. It was definitely far more beautiful than what we imagined. Walk out our balcony and had a view of the tennis court. We passed by the pool area and it just felt like being on a beautiful resort. The pool had the bluest and clearest water we’ve ever seen, it’s framed with this charming cobalt blue Spanish tiles with beautiful Mediterranean patterns. The pool was surrounded by beautiful palm trees with nicely maintained garden.


The dining area was marvelous! Again it had beautiful furnishings and another crystal chandelier. The breakfast was substantial with fruits, eggs, bread, jam&butter and a glass of juice and a cup of coffee.

We got a tour of the entire hotel grounds and to our surprise it actually had resort amenities. From a spa, exercise equipment, sauna, pool table, a huge tennis court and entertainment room. What else can you ask for? Some rooms in the hotel varies from having a walk-in closet, to having a kitchen and your own spacious balcony or patio. They also, host different parties and events and has an outdoor kitchen and bbq area.


The staff is really friendly which makes for an even better experience. All of them greet us with a smile and always asked how were doing. We got to the know the family who owns the place and also saw how they put a lot of heart and attention to make the place what it is now.


The location was perfect as it was nearby shopping areas and a variety of restaurants. It was also only a few blocks from their public transportation “MIO.”

Overall its was an awesome stay! We definitely would recommend it to anyone wanting the best in the city. πŸ˜‰

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