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Top 14 Romantic Travel Date Getaways in the Philippines

February 7, 2016
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Since love is in the air and with only a few more days left before Valentines Day here’s a treat that could help couples or hopeless romantics out there to up their game and discover the ultimate #traveldate bucket list in the Philippines. Yes, you heard me right, it’s all just in our backyard. When everyone’s swooning over dates on the Eiffel tower in Paris or day-dreaming of a trip to the Greek Islands, here are some local alternatives that would be as fun and exciting, not to mention won’t break the bank (guys, you can thank me later..wink wink). Because gone are the days when you have to lavish each other with expensive gifts, now having an adventure is far more valuable than things (okay, maybe flowers won’t hurt). Need I remind you about this famous article that went viral on Facebook?! (Read here- Spend on experiences not things.) It’s never about the money ya know. Okay enough with the reminding and tick off the list below if you haven’t already done any of the following with your partner.

Top 14  Romantic Travel Date in the Philippines


1. Beach date on the most beautiful island in the world -PALAWAN


Where else? El Nido, Palawan. It’s getting all the rave around the world, so what better way to see it for yourself, don’t forget to bring your date with you. Having been dubbed as the most beautiful island in the world, this place shouts romance like no other. Despite the influx of tourists, you can still find a secluded spot for you and your partner, go island hopping, snorkel and feast on seafood.

2. Road trip to Tagaytay

Some rights reserved CC

Some rights reserved CC

Can’t book a flight? Go on a roadtrip! Being the closest to Manila, you won’t have a hard time getting to Tagaytay. Not only will you have an awesome time cruising around listening to old school 80’s R&B or Justin Bieber’s new found voice, you’ll have the most stunning views of the Taal volcano. With a ton of restaurants to choose from, you’ll definitely have options.

3.  Dance with the Dolphins in Subic

Some rights reserved CC

Some rights reserved CC

Nothing’s more romantic than swimming with these beautiful gentle creatures.They’re nice, social and awesome for a fun filled date. You can find them at Ocean Adventure. Subic is also only a few hours from Manila so it makes this trip easy and attainable.

4. Pick strawberries in Baguio

Some rights reserved CC

Some rights reserved CC

 Probably the sweetest date on the list, literally! Imagine yourself spending an entire day picking this juicy red fruit, this says it all, the ultimate valentine fruit. What better excuse to bundle up and cuddle in the chilly atmosphere in this mountainous town.

5. Surf-date Baler

For the more adventurous couple, head to Baler and hit the waves. Nothing cooler than a surf trip in Baler, with an awesome beach vibe, this town definitely gets points for a hip romantic weekend.

6. Walk the cobbled streets of Vigan

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The setting in Vigan Ilocos makes a perfect date scene. They have an old vintage atmosphere to the area, with  lots to do and see including their famous sand dunes and the beaches.

Read more: Lakad Filipinas got a great itinerary and travel guide 

7. Enjoy the powder white sand of Boracay

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Powder white sands on your toes, it’s like walking on clouds while being mesmerized by the famous Boracay sunset. Finish the night off with drinks and an unforgettable party. And if you’re feeling adventurous you can try parasailing or kite surfing. Nothing beats sharing a new experience with your other half.

8. Be awestruck with majestic views of Batanes

Photo Credits: by Allan Ascano

You’ve never been? This would be a great excuse. Why do you think it’s famous for a pre nup shoots? These views will definitely take your breath away. Now taking a trip to the ends of the world, I mean tip of the country, would definitely be one for the books.

For a local’s view and things to do check out Iamaileen’s post on Batanes

9. Wake up above of clouds of Mt. Pulag

Some rights reserved CC

Some rights reserved CC

Hiking might sound strenuous to some people but to couples who love mountains, this could be a #relationshipgoal. Kissing at the summit and embracing after a new accomplishment would be the ultimate date. Getting lost in the unending sea of clouds will make your heart filled with wanderlust. You’ll probably be yearning for more adventures to come.

For more photos on this gorgeous mountain photos visit KimCamJones photoblog about Pulag!

10. Swim with the turtles at Apo island

Some rights reserved CC

Some rights reserved CC

Known for it’s marine diversity and a protected area just for these lovely sea creatures, you won’t have a hard time enjoying your time with your partner. Being the definition of a laid back island town and fishing village, you’ll likely have the island to yourselves. Who wouldn’t want to have their own slice of paradise with these turtles?

Read more here: Swim with Turtles on Apo Island

11. Canoeing by the falls at Pagsanjan Falls

Some rights reserved CC

Some rights reserved CC

Just in Laguna, this beautiful waterfall has been under the tourist radar. Having your own boatman on a dugout canoe, making your way through boulders, you’ll definitely have an excellent time traversing through the 1 hours scenic jungle landscape. At the end of the trip, you will be rewarded with a natural massage from an enormous amount of water falling 91 feet above your raft. Talking about a good natural massage! 😉

Check out Pinoy Adventurista’s write up on Pagsanjan Falls!

12. Food trip in culinary capital of the Philippines -Pampanga

Some rights reserved to CC.

Some rights reserved to CC.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, this saying goes both ways. Why not celebrate the love month with an unforgettable culinary feast in this incredible province. They say that Kapangpangans can cook the best versions of different Filipino dishes. If you love food, you should definitely make your way out here.

13. Stargazing in Manila (PAGASA)

Some rights reserved CC

Some rights reserved CC

Seeing a shooting star together just like in the movies, now that’s romantic. Who would have thought that this spot is just right in the city. At the Up Diliman campus is where you’ll find the PAG-ASA observatory. Not only that they have the biggest high powered telescope operating in the country, they’re also open day and night free of charge. Now that’s a bang for NO buck.

14. Museum date at Pinto Art museum


 Into art, we have one for you. They don’t only have Instagramable nooks and crannies they also have a restaurant in the area that sells delectable dessert. Nothing more artistic than celebrating love with beautiful artworks. For more detail read about it on Travel Up’s blog post , that or have photo ideas with an engagement shoot at Ruffa and Mike’s engagement shoot.

What better way to share new experiences with the one you love. Go ahead and plan your date and remember, nothing will make your experience memorable if you wont seal it with a kiss. Happy travels lovebirds. Mwah! #Travel in love: Love in Travel.

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