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March 30, 2015
the philippines


41351_588003060076_7772763_n I found that in the deepest depths of my heart is my home – The Philippines

Traveling the world is by far the most amazing thing you can do in your life. But I can’t deny the fact that my heart still yearns for home. Yes I am a fully pledged Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines but been living abroad, traveling and have been away from ‘home’ for the last 4 years. I’m pretty sure lots has changed  but that  makes me all the  more aching to go back and experience everything that home has to offer.

“Home is where the heart is” -Pliny the Elder

10 Things I Miss About the Philippines



How can you not miss food? Filipino food is surprisingly not known across the globe despite all the wonderful flavors it has to offer. When people ask me what it taste like, I can’t pin point a single description so instead, I would describe it having a mix of Chinese, Spanish and American influences.  Here are a some of the dishes I miss back home, Adobo (braised pork or chicken in soy sauce and vinegar), sinigang (pork fish soup in vegetables), binagoongan(pork in shrimp paste) , liempo (grilled pork belly), tapa (cured beef), tocino(pork in a sweet marinade), longanisa(local sausage), kare-kare (mix of beef and veggies in peanut sauce), lechon (roast pig) and fresh seafood. Anywhere you are there is an outlet where you can enjoy most of these food in one place. Streets, Dampa (seafood market with a variety of kitchen/ restaurant where you can have your fresh seafood cooked the way you want it), food halls in malls and now a lot more hole in the wall restaurants are popping out.. and even better with the endless supply of tropical fruits everywhere.  Need I say more?


2. Cheap transportation

I miss riding on tricycles, jeepneys, cheap taxis, buses and the MRT. There’s always a way to get from one place to another and its cheap!


3. Malls

I miss that you can just go in a place and find everything that you need. Malls in the Philippines are fully equipped with everything you can think of from groceries to department stores, bookstores, bowling alleys, cinema, restaurants, ice skating rinks, medical clinics, spas and a lot more, all in one spot.


4. Tagalog & all the variations of the language

How I miss speaking Tagalog and all its funny expressions. There are so much made up words and gay lingoes that makes the language even more enjoyable. I can never fully express myself unless I speak my own tongue.


5. The people

I miss them because they are truly the happiest people in the world, or so I think, not to mention their amiable character. I miss hearing jokes and funny remarks about, pretty much anything. It’s usually not easy to understand and you may need a local’s interpretation for you to fully comprehend their humor but you’re definitely in for a good laugh.


6. Shopping

I miss the convenience of cheap shopping, Tiendesita, Greenhills, Fort Christmas bazaars, 99 stores. They’re all up to date with the latest fashion and most of them are cheap and affordable.


7. The beaches

I miss going to the beaches in the Philippines where I am not questioned whether or not I know how to swim because not being able to swim is normal. I  miss how nobody cares about taking a million selfies in the ocean, no one will ever judge you because everyone is doing the same thing. The array of beaches to choose from, white sand, gray sand, black sand and beautiful landscapes. Some even a stones throw away from your house. Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, Bohol and now so much more places to discover.


8.  My family & extended families

I miss spending time with my family and my cousins and every other far relatives that comes in our houses whenever there’s a birthday or any special occasion. It’s always more fun in the Philippines.


9. My friends

I miss hanging out with the same people every week, where I don’t have to keep introducing myself or telling my story. I miss my girlfriends who I can share occasional weirdness and I can confide in and have deeper conversations with.


10. Home

How ever much in love I get about other parts of the world, I will never get over the love I have for my home. At the end of the day I feel that where ever I am whatever I’m doing, whether being amazed by astounding places all over the globe or meeting different people and experiencing interesting cultures, home will always be home.

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