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Traveling with a French Bulldog- Shanghai to Seattle

April 7, 2015
traveling with a dog

Imagine yourself in a small box being transported and flown from Shanghai to Korea changing planes in this same box and then going from Korea to Seattle all in the cargo area of an airplane. During all of this you get no food and a small bottle of water. By the way you have to shit and pee in that same box that you’ll be in for the next 15 hours. When we got Pepper in Shanghai we knew we would be taking her to the states. As travelers we knew she wouldn’t be able to come with us on…

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Destinations, USA

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

August 24, 2014

Having breakfast with this view is pretty spectacular
Trying to beat the rain of Teton and Yellowstone we stayed for a few days before continually hearing persistent weather reports of more than 50% chances of rain for the next week ahead. We decided to start our drive south towards Colorado and through Wyoming. Further south we lucked out and had a fabulous couple of days in Rocky Mountain National Park with only a drizzle here and there.

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Destinations, USA

Lucas, Kansas- Being comfortable and appreciative wherever you are

August 23, 2014
Aunt Gerties Art and Antiques

The decision to not camp and do an Airbnb instead was an absolutely unforgettable one. The surrounding was a rural Kansas town with a small population of 400 people spread across a large  flat space. The downtown was in the middle of a 4 x 4 block radius and was 20 miles off the main interstate. Our host Mary Ann happened to be the caretaker of the home we stayed in, a local tour guide of the historical Garden of Eden home, the city library director, and a member various committees and boards in town. She was a huge advocate…

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