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The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking Your Honeymoon

September 6, 2016

Prior to our trip we weren’t really sure how to plan a year-long honeymoon, how does anyone plan a year of anything really. By American standards we’re middle class and hustle just like the rest of you in our day-to-day lives. I’d previously written about travel hacking over a year ago and in between have consulted for a few of you who wanted to learn more. This guide is for the beginning travel hacker it’s a bit long so you can skip around to different sections that you find interesting or move forward to the actual hacking of our honeymoon.…

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Long Term Travel 101 – How to kick-start a long term travel

March 8, 2015
Long term travel 101

When people tell you to think with your head you should probably follow your heart. – Mark Villaflor How do you start long-term traveling? We get this question and a bunch of other pre-travel questions. We tell people to not over-think and to simply follow their hearts desires. For those that won’t or can’t simply pick up and go here’s an outline on how we think you can start your travels. CHOOSE A DESTINATION– Look at a map and choose a city, country or region. Check out the Lonely Planet or other travel guide for the region or country. Don’t…

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Travel hack

Travel hacking- Part 3 Our Credit Cards and recommendations

February 21, 2015

Part 3 is a list of credit cards we’ve snagged over the year and a half. GENERAL TRAVEL CARDS Barclay Arrival Mastercard– This was one of the first credit cards we got. We got 40,000 points on the credit card which was worth $400 in travel credit. Any merchant categorized as travel can be redeemed (Airbnb, car rentals, airfare, most things travel related). Also this is a great card because there are no foreign transaction fees and you get 2.2 points for every dollar you spend, higher than any other credit card. The Platinum Card® from American Express– this one needs…

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