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The Complete Guide to El Nido Tour A B C D and E

May 1, 2016

El Nido Tour A- Lagoons and Beaches El Nido is known for it’s beautiful powdery white sand beaches and limestone rock formations. The in between of all these are it’s lagoons. Tour A is El Nido’s most popular tour and subjectively it’s most picturesque. The Secret Lagoon takes you to a small island surrounded by limestone karst cliffs. Inside a small hole (you’ll likely crawl through) you enter a massive caldera and end up in what was once a cave. Shimizu Island is famous for the swiftlet nests that produces bird’s nest soup believed to have high nutritional value and…

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Ecuador, South America

Blue footed booby and humpback whale spottings

July 14, 2015
DSC02277 (2)

A spur of the moment change in travels brought us to the small fishing village of Puerto Lopez to watch the seasonal migration of humpbacks that come up in the thousands to breed in the warmer waters of the Ecuadorian Pacific. These creatures make their move from deep south and come in the thousands. It’s not a question of whether or not you’ll see humpbacks between July and September but how many. In an educated guesstimation we probably saw 20 whales over the course of the day. We got in on a Friday on an incredibly busy weekend as the president of…

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Bogota Street Art Tour

June 19, 2015

Social problems, economic disparities, the good, the bad, grassroot movements, history, politics, and a mix of artistic expression is all splashed through the streets of Bogota in the form of graffiti. Upon landing to Bogota, your overwhelmed with tagging, graffiti, and street art on the majority of the city buildings and it gets even more concentrated closer to downtown. As for an interpretation to the art, fortunately, each day you have the opportunity to join Bogota’s Street Art Tour, and hear various narratives of Bogota and Colombian history as well as analysis of influential street artists work displayed through La…

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