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Guinea Pig Crater Lake, Ecuador

June 29, 2015

Guinea Pig Lake- Lake Cuicocho, Ecuador – Date 364/365 We’ve been to numerous lakes, mountains and volcanoes throughout Central America so when we arrived in Otavalo and were told there were several lakes near by and countless mountains so we weren’t sure which one to choose given our limited weekend stay. Through some research and some recommendations we ended up choosing to go to Lake Cuicocho, Ecuador (Kichwa/Quichua for lake guinea pig). On our way from Central America we knew we’d see a huge guinea pig influence in Peru but didn’t expect to see that same influence in Ecuador. These little guys…

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Colombia, South America

Date 335/365- Rock climbing Suesca

June 29, 2015

If it’s not enough to go down 20 meters into the ocean on one single breath we had to push ourselves up and this time more than 20 meters up in the form of rock climbing. An hour out of Bogota is the tranquil countryside setting of the small town Suesca. While there isn’t much to do in the town there are tons of rock to climb. Rocas de Suesca is a 4 kilometer mini mountain range comprised of sandstone rock. Welcome to the birthplace of Colombian rock climbing. Initially after a disappointing job interview in Bogota we were ready to move…

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Central America, Nicaragua

36 hours in Ometepe Island Lake Nicaragua- Volcanoes, beaches, bull sharks and ultramarathons

February 10, 2015
Following her to the end of the world on our beach hike on Ometepe Island.

After suffering from dengue fever for a week on a beautiful lakeside hostel I was ready for any opportunity to get out of bed and into the water. We stayed at Laguna de Apoyo but were unable to participate in any lake related activities as I was bed-ridden for 5 straight days suffering from a high fever, terrible headaches, and restlessness throughout most nights. Camille spent all those days next to me and wouldn’t leave (she thought it was unfair for her to enjoy the lake while I was sick). We visited a couple of hospitals in Managua and Granada and after…

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