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Ecuador, South America

Plaza de Ponchos

June 30, 2015

Every Saturday morning droves of tourist buses come in with foreigners from around the globe to Plaza de Ponchos in the center of Otavalo. This is one of Ecuador’s largest markets filled with Kichwa people full of alpaca and wool goods, ponchos being the most famous of buys. The region is known for it’s textiles and has been successful both locally and internationally. Aside from the textiles are jewelry, wooden carvings, paintings of the region, and other crafts. Compared to other Latin American markets vendors the Otavaleños are quite friendly, photogenic, and not aggressive. We would hang around one vendor…

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Central America, Destinations, Guatemala

Chichicastenango, Guatemala- Color run lookin market

December 26, 2014

Each Sunday and Thursday there is an explosion of colors, fabrics, textiles, and Mayan women rolling into the small town Chichicastenango tucked in one of the many valleys of Western Guatemala’s highlands. Chichi is dubbed the largest market in both Guatemala and Central America. While we only spent 3 hours at the market one could easily wander around longer through the vibrant atmosphere bargaining with the indigenous women that have made their way into the market carrying products by chicken bus and by foot in the surrounding areas. From our drop-off point we made our way through a cobble-stone street and towards the town’s…

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Central America, Guatemala

Antigua- Churches, volcanoes, and colors

December 19, 2014
View of one of the buildings from Central Park

After a night of celebrating the special day of the Virgen de Guadalupe on Friday night we made our way to the historical town of Antigua, Guatemala. As a UNESCO site it earns its reputation from the numerous Spanish Baroque style churches, colorful streets, the three volcanoes surrounding it, and the mix of modern and Mayan culture.  In spite of various natural disasters (floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) Antigua has shown it’s resilience through the presence of its churches,  faith, and prayers. Historically it was a city of great importance for the Spanish colonialists and was known as Santiago de Guatemala in the 16th century onward…

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