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Date 413/365 Sev’s Cafe Open Mic Night- A refuge for the unspoken

August 19, 2015

The Filipino are a special breed of people from the human race, bundled up in emotions that often times conflict with their conservative culture. These influences include the Catholic church, a communal society, and high pressure western influences that include materialism, consumerism and media that try to shape who they should try to be. For those without an outlet to self-express, the basement venue of Sev’s Cafe hosted by Words Anonymous provides a monthly open mic night for those who have the courage to feed an audience their own raw emotions. The things you hide from your family are striped off…

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10 reasons why you should travel with your life-long partner

August 12, 2015

10 reasons why you should travel with your life-long partner You know that feeling when you think your life is just a cycle of boring routines. You and your love come home after work, ask how each of your day was and eat dinner over an episode of Game of Thrones or Modern Family, maybe both. Check Facebook and possibly have a conversation about other people’s lives… “Did you know so and so are married? So and so have kids,” “no way?!” Move on with your night, shower, last look on Facebook then sleep. The next day comes and it’s exactly the…

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The Philippine Dream- The voices of traveling Filipinos

May 16, 2015

Introduction: Our privilege to share and dream One of the greatest gifts us millennials have been blessed with is the combination of social media and the ability to travel. Who better knows this than bloggers, those who share their stories on their own platforms and spread them out organically. Even as ordinary citizens of the world we have empowered ourselves with the ability to inspire others to join us in our journeys usually digitally and sometimes on the road. It’s an incredible wonder that we can be in almost any location in the world and share, Tweet, Facebook or Instagram our inspirations and…

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