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36 hours in Ometepe Island Lake Nicaragua- Volcanoes, beaches, bull sharks and ultramarathons

February 10, 2015
Following her to the end of the world on our beach hike on Ometepe Island.

After suffering from dengue fever for a week on a beautiful lakeside hostel I was ready for any opportunity to get out of bed and into the water. We stayed at Laguna de Apoyo but were unable to participate in any lake related activities as IΒ was bed-ridden for 5 straight days suffering from a high fever, terrible headaches, and restlessness throughout most nights. Camille spentΒ all those days next to me and wouldn’t leave (she thought it was unfair for her to enjoy the lake while I was sick). We visited a couple of hospitals in Managua and Granada and after…

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Central America, Destinations, Guatemala, Photojournal

A day at Lake Atitlan and photojournal of Guatemala

December 29, 2014
Taking a tuk-tuk back I had to ask the driver to stop so I could take a picture. A view San Pedro from this hill on San Juan.

Today Mark went for a 5k run towards a volcano (one of many around here). Then he went next door from our guesthouse and jump off a tree into the lake. He apparently met a guy from Seattle who had done work Β in Greenbank (southern part of the island Mark’s from). We continued to see him throughout the day for some reason. We had such a great day and didn’t realize how many things we’d done so we started a this blog post.

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Africa, Destinations, Kenya

A Walking Safari- Cresent Island, Lake Naivasha, Kenya

September 23, 2014

Introduction Lake Naivasha is characterized by ever-changing weather, numerous animal carcasses, leisurely walks through a private sanctuary containing giraffes, zebras, buffalo, wildebeest, various gazelle, waterbuck and a multitude of birds creating a birders paradise. The lake is located on in Africa’s famous Rift Valley and is likely your first stop out of Nairobi (100 km out). There are numerous activities to do on the lake including taking a boat trip to see the hippos, birdwatching, doing a safari walk, or horseback riding through the land. Safari Walk Our host, Tamar, an expat from Nairboi had been before and took us…

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