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Guinea Pig Crater Lake, Ecuador

June 29, 2015

Guinea Pig Lake- Lake Cuicocho, Ecuador – Date 364/365 We’ve been to numerous lakes, mountains and volcanoes throughout Central America so when we arrived in Otavalo and were told there were several lakes near by and countless mountains so we weren’t sure which one to choose given our limited weekend stay. Through some research and some recommendations we ended up choosing to go to Lake Cuicocho, Ecuador (Kichwa/Quichua for lake guinea pig). On our way from Central America we knew we’d see a huge guinea pig influence in Peru but didn’t expect to see that same influence in Ecuador. These little guys…

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Home of The Rock- Guatape, Colombia Date #323

May 19, 2015

  740 steps from the entrance of La Piedra de Guatape is the worlds best view. Not really, but according to the signage it is. After a 15-30 minute walk up the steep steps you find yourself with a 360 degree view of a man made lake and the islands that pop out of its water. Depending on when you go there will determine how high or low the water is. This body of water helps supply Colombia with a large amount of hydroelectricity and a source of income from selling to neighboring country Venezuela. Our intention was to simply…

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Bodhi Hostel- Enlightenment in the midst of El Valle De Anton

May 15, 2015
Street view

Under the sacred Bodhi Tree, Buddha achieved enlightenment. The goal of Bodhi Hostel is the same,  where travelers from all over the world can meet, discover and enjoy life together in El Valle de Anton. After buying a ticket to Medellin, Colombia for a Monday afternoon we weren’t sure what we wanted to do over the weekend but we sure didn’t want to stay in Panama City again. On a whim and a brief recommendation we caught a bus to El Valle de Anton. I was excited to see different birds and not be in the urban heat of Panama City in…

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