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Resume building on the road- Tamale assembly line worker

March 21, 2015

One morning during our first Helpx experience we were introduced to the world of communal tamale assembly. Graduating from cleaning banana leaves to tying them up in preparation for boiling and cooking tamales was a huge deal for us and a huge jump in the tamale production line. We weren’t expecting there to be so much activity in a tiny town of 300 people. Fortunately for us the upcoming weekend would include a crazy mountain marathon on Saturday followed by a big futbol match between neighboring towns on Sunday. In preparation for all this was the community tamale making session…

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Don’t work for money, work for life- Our first Helpx experience

March 21, 2015

One of the first questions I asked Camille when I was “courting” her was to choose between mountains or beaches. Her choice was both. INTRODUCTION After beach-hopping for 2 weeks from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, it was time for a change in weather and landscape. Our escape was the mountain town of San Gerardo de Rivas, population 303. At the entrance of Costa Rica’s highest national park, Chirripo, was the quaint Casa Mariposa run by the fabulous owners, John and Jill. To get to this lovely hostel lodge one would take a 90 minute bus from San Isidro to the town of…

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Beginner’s Guide to Volunteer Gigs on the Road

March 8, 2015

Money’s running out but time is still free and unlimited. Time to buckle down, slow our roll, find a place of residence for a fewof weeks, cook meals, get free accommodations and tame the spending. Below are some ideas for volunteering and even more here for work.– This is a great place for starting a search for work exchange. Many people that we’ve met on the Central America “backpack trail” have found work and volunteer opportunities on coffee and cacao plantations, ranches, beach front hostels, and with wildlife conservancy efforts. Cost- $20 euros for a two year membership.– This is the other…

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