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365 island paradise, San Blas Islands

May 11, 2015

No wifi, no air conditioning, not even a fan, no electricity, no fresh water showers, basic hut accommodations and an island no bigger than 150 meters long and less than 50 meters wide, welcome to Isla Franklin. Drink warm rum in the absence of many things and find paradise. The notion of island paradises exist in special places around the world but take a bit of effort to detach from the “real world.” Food is basic usually fish or chicken though you can get fresh lobster and crab for $10-25 extra still cheaper than most places around the world. Luxuries are nonexistent.…

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Central America, Love, Panama

10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

March 25, 2015
learn a foreign language

10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language By Mark-Anthony Villaflor of 365TravelDates *This blog post originally appeared in Cultural Reflections.  We tried Swahili in Tanzania, we are picking up Spanish in Central America, and we speak English and Tagalog at home or when we want to have a private conversation. We get sneaky about bargaining in Latin countries and speak in Mandarin, because if we spoke Tagalog the locals would understand the numbers (Tagalog sometimes uses the same numbers as Spanish). The Chinese even have signs for different numbers. Six is a hand that looks like the “hang loose” sign.…

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Dead Animals Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World- An epic display of taxidermy

August 17, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

Visit San Antonio, they’re real friendly out here. The people of San Antonio are some of the friendliest we’ve encountered in America.   This post is mainly about the experience we had at the Bass Pro Sports- Outdoor World store. I had impressions of what it would look like in my mind and asked Aaron if this would meet expectations as we were both screaming in the car to stop and take a look while the girls were trying to calm us down. He was quite enthusiastic and adamant that we go visit and that our expectations would be exceeded. Upon parking…

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