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From Shanghai and Singapore to a Hong Kong Proposal

April 5, 2015

She flew in from Singapore and I flew in from Shanghai, China both of us meeting each other at the Hong Kong airport for the happiest/saddest weekend of our relationship. We we’re both really excited to see each other after having not been together for months. Our first weekend in Hong Kong would be one to remember for the rest of our lives. I waited for Camille and when she got into the arrival area we went to the bus stop to get a ride to my friend Melissa’s apartment for the first night. A month prior to actually arriving I had already…

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17 tips to keep my wife happy on the road

February 13, 2015
Acting silly on a beach in the Philippines. We rolled down a sandy hill and into the water like children.

As my backpacking partner, the love of my life, and my best friend, there is no one I would rather have next to me through all the experiences we’ve had traveling and being married. She’s been the inspiration of my life and each day on the road I grow a larger sense of pride in the person she is and is becoming. Backpacking is tough. Camille is full of fear and therefore full of courage. Seeing people in fear, mustering up the courage to act in spite of their fear is inspiring. After visiting the cascade pools in Semuc Champey…

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Central America, Guatemala

San Juan Wine and Cheese- Anniversary date at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

January 25, 2015
Taking a tuk-tuk back I had to ask the driver to stop so I could take a picture. A view San Pedro from this hill on San Juan.

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