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Date 335/365- Rock climbing Suesca

June 29, 2015

If it’s not enough to go down 20 meters into the ocean on one single breath we had to push ourselves up and this time more than 20 meters up in the form of rock climbing. An hour out of Bogota is the tranquil countryside setting of the small town Suesca. While there isn’t much to do in the town there are tons of rock to climb. Rocas de Suesca is a 4 kilometer mini mountain range comprised of sandstone rock. Welcome to the birthplace of Colombian rock climbing. Initially after a disappointing job interview in Bogota we were ready to move…

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Medellin’s Free Walking Tour- The beautiful, the ugly, the scars

May 26, 2015

Yearning, come to my country, see my beautiful people, shake our hands, take our hugs, see past my scars and know I haven’t been completely in charge of the history that was put in front of me but here I am, showing you the good, the bad, my city Medellin.  This was my interpretation of our tourist guide’s feelings as he walked us through his city. We went on the Real City Walking Tour and we’re toured by Hernan. We started at the Alpurjarra metro station with a group of 20 people and made our way to the Antioquia Railway.…

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The Heart of the City- Hotel Casa Galeria

June 3, 2015

Located in the heart of La Candeleria on the historical Calle del Embudo (Street of the Funnel) is Hotel Casa Galeria, a quaint yellow and purple hotel. We were hosted by Jaenet the owner and heard of her love of history and culture. The hotel is small and intimate and very homey. The brightly painted courtyards had hammocks for relaxing and joined up with a coffee shop at the front. While we passed other rooms towards ours we felt each one had a unique feel to it. Given the fact that this building had a lot of restrictions due to…

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