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Bogota Street Art Tour

June 19, 2015

Social problems, economic disparities, the good, the bad, grassroot movements, history, politics, and a mix of artistic expression is all splashed through the streets of Bogota in the form of graffiti. Upon landing to Bogota, your overwhelmed with tagging, graffiti, and street art on the majority of the city buildings and it gets even more concentrated closer to downtown. As for an interpretation to the art, fortunately, each day you have the opportunity to join Bogota’s Street Art Tour, and hear various narratives of Bogota and Colombian history as well as analysis of influential street artists work displayed through La…

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Villa Casuarinas Hotel Cali – A boutique resort at its finest

June 29, 2015

We arrived in Cali at the Palmira Airport and hopped into a taxi with the driver named Guillermo. There’s a counter at the airport that computes the total cost just by getting the address of your destination so we were reassured that it was completely safe. Guillermo was the most enthusiastic driver and he reassured he knew the place as he, apparently, is the go to airport taxi for the hotel. I wasn’t sure if he was just saying that but since he mentioned the name of the owner and then a few minutes called the hotel with his own…

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Colombia, South America

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

May 31, 2015
View of main nave from the top

Salt and God! In the small town of Zipaquira 90 minutes from Bogota is the spectacular underground Salt Cathedral. When salt deposits, industry and Catholic salt miners meet there’s only one option and that’s to create a sanctuary for the saints for protection for the days work. After a couple of decades an official project began and the Salt Cathedral was created with a dedication to the patron saint of the miners.   Today when you walk through the one-hour tour you are guided through a new Cathedral that was constructed in the 1990s. You walk through the 14 stations…

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