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Central America, Panama

Panama Canal- Watching boats pass Megastructures

May 11, 2015

Just over a hundred years ago the Americans finished what the French couldn’t with the start of the Panama Canal. Creating a 77 kilometer lane between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean had its difficulties. The early history proved the difficulty of creating a canal through dense jungle full of dangerous animals, disease (yellow fever and malaria), under estimations in finances and weather, and the use of primitive equipment. Thousands died but years later lives saved from treacherous voyages that would be cut in time and distance because of the canal. Today the canal serves over 10,000 ships annually and…

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Africa, Tanzania

We got robbed- a diary entry of our love/HATE relationship of Africa

November 27, 2014
Meet mini-rhino, the warthog

An entry from Camille’s diary (November 2014) We just got robbed today in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. We did an Airbnb last night and right when we got out of the apartment at 8am the next morning, a guy asked if we needed a taxi, we said yes and he got his car, which by the way wasn’t a taxi but we still got in thinking that it’s normal. We’ve got into cars all the time that weren’tΒ taxis, so it wasn’t anything unusually for us. We told him we wanted to go to the ferry to Zanzibar, we left and…

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