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The Art of Money While Traveling

September 14, 2015
Beach day! The next day we walked 7 minutes down from our hostel and onto the beach.

The notion that material investment is somehow more important to life than personal investment is exactly what leads so many of us to believe we could never afford to go vagabonding. The more our life options get paraded around as consumer options, the more we forget that there’s a difference between the two. Thus, having convinced ourselves that buying things is the only way to play an active role in this world, we fatalistically conclude that we’ll never be rich enough to purchase a long-term travel experience. – Rolf Potts DEFINING WEALTH THROUGH MONEY For the ambitious, when goals are…

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Central America, Costa Rica

Playa Conchal- Savings in paradise, a walk on millions of seashells

February 22, 2015

Costa Rica was the start of Where Are We? vblog series started to let our moms know where we are. Mom’s are concerned. They want to know your safe and in a good place. This is to assure them were doing well. After a long day of bus transfers and a border crossing we finally arrived to our first bed in Costa Rica on Playa Brasilito. Playa Brasilito is a great swim beach with very few people. There are gentle waves on this long grey stretch of beach and a short walk to the seashell filled shores of Playa Conchal. Even…

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