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Siquijor during rainy season

October 14, 2015
Siquijor 2  title

After a quick day in Dumaguete we popped over to Siquijor for nearly 3 days. We came in with a little bit of sun with an overcast in the horizon. Typhoon Jenny was entering the Philippines area of responsibility though fortunately it didn’t land directly in our country though it left us quite wet during our trip to Negros! The next few days would be about hopping on and off the bike in between and during rain showers.   On our first day we checked in to Buco Beach Resort in a quieter (as if Siquijor could get any quieter than it…

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365 island paradise, San Blas Islands

May 11, 2015

No wifi, no air conditioning, not even a fan, no electricity, no fresh water showers, basic hut accommodations and an island no bigger than 150 meters long and less than 50 meters wide, welcome to Isla Franklin. Drink warm rum in the absence of many things and find paradise. The notion of island paradises exist in special places around the world but take a bit of effort to detach from the “real world.” Food is basic usually fish or chicken though you can get fresh lobster and crab for $10-25 extra still cheaper than most places around the world. Luxuries are nonexistent.…

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Bocas del Toro- Caribbean Paradise

May 1, 2015

The island of Isla Bastimentos offers the picturesque beaches worthy of any postcard. However we found the prices on the island a bit frustrating at times given the “need” to take water taxis to most beaches. For example, to take the less than 10 minute boat ride from the main island costs $5. From the main dock of Bastimentos to Red Frog Beach an even shorter ride is another $5 in top of a $3 entrance. On our first day in Bastimentos we did an awfully muddy hike as it had rained a bit only a few hours earlier. We…

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