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Surfing El Nido- Duli Beach

October 27, 2016

Introduction to El Nido El Nido’s paradise fame is drawn mainly from the 45 islands that dot the mini-archipelago of Bacuit Bay. And with more than one hundred budget hotels and inns in El Nido to choose from, you are spoiled for choice when you stay here. While most people tend to be enchanted by the island-hopping experience and the picturesque lagoons they often overlook the mainland beaches such as Duli Beach, which extend over an hour north of El Nido’s town proper. The most popular destination is Nacpan Beach, most famous for its long stretch of wide sand and twin beaches…

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The Ultimate Guide to the Caramoan Islands

January 15, 2016

Caramoan has been on Filipino tourists radar after groups of Isareli, Turkish, Siberian, and other foreign groups visited the area characterized by dense vegetation and bored by powder white sand beaches splashed by crystal clear waters. These visitors weren’t typical beachcombers that we are use to seeing on the likes of Boracay or Palawan but rather groups from the reality TV show Survivor. For many years Caramoan has hosted the show for different participating countries, thus closing down it’s beauty for those wanting to visit (*This is something you will need to check for when planning). Fortunately for Camille and…

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The Ultimate travel guide to El Nido, Palawan

November 18, 2015

Designated the Philippines last frontier, the island province of Palawan gives the willing explorer an opportunity to experience paradise with or without all the tourists. 6 hours north of the island’s main airport is the unspoiled Bacuit Bay, commonly known as El Nido. Surreal landscapes, crystal clear waters, world class scuba diving, hidden caves, secret beaches, waterfalls, and much more El Nido is bliss for water aficionados! That once bumpy nearly non-existent road is being flooded with investors and government projects, complete with a proposed airport, to boost the local economy through tourism. Recently Palawan island was dubbed the best…

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