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Ultimate Packing Tips and checklist for Long term travel

October 2, 2015
Packing list

I know most of you have been asking how the heck we travel with just our backpacks. So here’s our ultimate packing tips and list for long term travel and round the world trips. Starting this trip I was really stressed with packing and it took me awhile to actually figure out and narrow down what I wanted to bring versus what I needed to bring. I did a lot of research on different blogs and people that were traveling for long periods of time and was able to figure out the necessary things to pack without feeling and looking like a backpacker…

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The Art of Asking while Traveling

August 23, 2015

Recently inspired by Amanda Palmer’s amazing Ted Talk titled The Art of Asking, Camille and I started realizing how important it is to shamelessly ask and receive fearlessly. Reflecting on many instances during our trip that we’ve ASKed for and have received led to this awe-inspired list. Most of the questions ASKed stem from a desire to help, to collaborate, to love. The act of ASKing is an act of collaboration and shouldn’t be viewed as an act of begging though most of the time it is. In our ASKing we preserve rather the deplete our energy, we allow ourselves to have allies and create a…

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April 13, 2015

We bought our first rental property in the states while we were in China. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the following years. We we’re working hard, had a goal and we were empire building. At some point Mark felt like it was a secure time to quit our jobs and take me on our 1 year long honeymoon. We sent most of our stuff in both the Philippines and the U.S. to our parents home. We didn’t want to give up everything so we put the rest in storage thinking we’d be back in a year. Little did we know we…

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