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Bogota Street Art Tour

June 19, 2015

Social problems, economic disparities, the good, the bad, grassroot movements, history, politics, and a mix of artistic expression is all splashed through the streets of Bogota in the form of graffiti. Upon landing to Bogota, your overwhelmed with tagging, graffiti, and street art on the majority of the city buildings and it gets even more concentrated closer to downtown. As for an interpretation to the art, fortunately, each day you have the opportunity to join Bogota’s Street Art Tour, and hear various narratives of Bogota and Colombian history as well as analysis of influential street artists work displayed through La…

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Costa Rica

The Secrets of Sendero Los Angeles- A walkable, breathable Los Angeles

March 21, 2015

Each day we recommended tours and routes around the area of San Gerardo de Rivas but hadn’t done most of our own recommendations until our 2nd week in. With two days off we decided to start off with the town tour. Going up 500 meters on the Chirripo trail we took the option of descending and detouring towards Sendero (trail) Los Angeles. This beautiful downhill trek was a gentle walk compared to the other option at the fork, ascending up the Chirripo trail. After an hour or so we made our way to the small town of Los Angeles (population…

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