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The Art of Money While Traveling

September 14, 2015
Beach day! The next day we walked 7 minutes down from our hostel and onto the beach.

The notion that material investment is somehow more important to life than personal investment is exactly what leads so many of us to believe we could never afford to go vagabonding. The more our life options get paraded around as consumer options, the more we forget that there’s a difference between the two. Thus, having convinced ourselves that buying things is the only way to play an active role in this world, we fatalistically conclude that we’ll never be rich enough to purchase a long-term travel experience. – Rolf Potts DEFINING WEALTH THROUGH MONEY For the ambitious, when goals are…

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Asia, Love, Philippines

Date 413/365 Sev’s Cafe Open Mic Night- A refuge for the unspoken

August 19, 2015

The Filipino are a special breed of people from the human race, bundled up in emotions that often times conflict with their conservative culture. These influences include the Catholic church, a communal society, and high pressure western influences that include materialism, consumerism and media that try to shape who they should try to be. For those without an outlet to self-express, the basement venue of Sev’s Cafe hosted by Words Anonymous provides a monthly open mic night for those who have the courage to feed an audience their own raw emotions. The things you hide from your family are striped off…

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Ecuador, South America

Tahuantinsuyo Weaving Workshop- Backstrap weaving a dying art and tradition

July 5, 2015

It’s a rare occasion when you are privileged enough to encounter the master of a dying tradition and art. A visit to the Andean highlands brought us to the Agato village, one of many villages surrounding the famous Otavalo town. We rolled up to a nondescript concrete home with a small sign indicating our arrival to the Tahuantinsuyo Weaving Workshop. We we’re welcomed by a friendly Kichwe woman who escorted us to the backstrap weaving workshop we were able to meet Miguel Andrango. Like many revelations in travel we were able to find complexities in very simple things. Miguel showed us how to create thread starting with…

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