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Sloth Sanctuary

May 15, 2015
Running full speed

Sloths sleep for nearly 20 hours a day so if you get the chance to roll up on some not sleeping, consider yourself extremely lucky or simply blessed! After reading through the Bodhi Bible (a book of tourist information from the Bodhi Hostel) we saw a picture of a lady holding a sloth under the title SLOTH SANCTUARY. While most people might geek out on the opportunity to hug these lovely creatures, we came into El Valle de Anton thinking about birding (that’s was our first thoughts), not sloths. Sloths were a very pleasant surprise. You can’t just knock on the Casa Mariposa…

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Bocas del Toro- Caribbean Paradise

May 1, 2015

The island of Isla Bastimentos offers the picturesque beaches worthy of any postcard. However we found the prices on the island a bit frustrating at times given the “need” to take water taxis to most beaches. For example, to take the less than 10 minute boat ride from the main island costs $5. From the main dock of Bastimentos to Red Frog Beach an even shorter ride is another $5 in top of a $3 entrance. On our first day in Bastimentos we did an awfully muddy hike as it had rained a bit only a few hours earlier. We…

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Central America, Panama

Don’t go to Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

March 26, 2015
Esteban our guide

The most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity – National Geographic   This past year we’ve seen animals, lots of them so when we heard about Corcovado we were excited to discover tons of rainforest animals. Upon arriving to the beach entrance to Corcovado National Park we saw a Baird’s Tapir and assumed the siting would set the tone for the rest of our 4 hour tour (too short). After coming down from the shadows of Costa Rica’s highest mountain and seeing a ton of birds and some animals we were thrilled to continue this trend. Guests…

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