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We got robbed- a diary entry of our love/HATE relationship of Africa

November 27, 2014
Meet mini-rhino, the warthog

An entry from Camille’s diary (November 2014) We just got robbed today in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. We did an Airbnb last night and right when we got out of the apartment at 8am the next morning, a guy asked if we needed a taxi, we said yes and he got his car, which by the way wasn’t a taxi but we still got in thinking that it’s normal. We’ve got into cars all the time that weren’t taxis, so it wasn’t anything unusually for us. We told him we wanted to go to the ferry to Zanzibar, we left and…

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Africa, Tanzania

Pink date and flamingo lake lunch- Arusha National Park, Tanzania

December 3, 2014

Today’s date took us to lunch on the edge of a soda lake filled with hundreds (probably thousands) of both lesser and greater flamingos with a nice view of the second largest mountain in Tanzania, MountMeru. Further in the distance were cloudscovering Mount Kilimanjaro where we hadsummited days before. Ever since we read about the Great Rift Valley and its animals and scenery we became fascinated with the idea of seeing a lake filled with hundredsand thousands of flamingos. In Kenya, Lake Nakuru’s water level was too high. In Tanzania, we were told LakeManyara would be a good place only to be told…

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A Walking Safari- Cresent Island, Lake Naivasha, Kenya

September 23, 2014

Introduction Lake Naivasha is characterized by ever-changing weather, numerous animal carcasses, leisurely walks through a private sanctuary containing giraffes, zebras, buffalo, wildebeest, various gazelle, waterbuck and a multitude of birds creating a birders paradise. The lake is located on in Africa’s famous Rift Valley and is likely your first stop out of Nairobi (100 km out). There are numerous activities to do on the lake including taking a boat trip to see the hippos, birdwatching, doing a safari walk, or horseback riding through the land. Safari Walk Our host, Tamar, an expat from Nairboi had been before and took us…

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