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Surfing El Nido- Duli Beach

October 27, 2016

Introduction to El Nido

El Nido’s paradise fame is drawn mainly from the 45 islands that dot the mini-archipelago of Bacuit Bay. And with more than one hundred budget hotels and inns in El Nido to choose from, you are spoiled for choice when you stay here. While most people tend to be enchanted by the island-hopping experience and the picturesque lagoons they often overlook the mainland beaches such as Duli Beach, which extend over an hour north of El Nido’s town proper.


The most popular destination is Nacpan Beach, most famous for its long stretch of wide sand and twin beaches (shared with Calitang Beach). In the end visitors simply spend the entire day in Nacpan never realizing there are beaches further north including Sibaltan, San Fernando, Tenigiban, and Mariposa Beach.

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Even with its fame to claim as the world’s number one island (though it’s recently been bumped down to number two), isolated beaches abound. As locals, one of our favorite beaches is Duli Beach.

Surf in Duli Beach

For a true island getaway find yourself on a stretch of white sandy beach at Duli Beach. One of the biggest draws to Duli is the surfing. Those more advanced (or even intermediate level) may be disappointed as Duli won’t be as exciting as other popular surfing spots in the Philippines (Baler, La Union, Siargao, etc). But between the months of November to April expect some consistent waves, perfect for beginners.


Sea Turtles of Duli Beach

Duli is Sanskrit for female turtle. At the beach there are two types of turtles- Hawkbill sea turtles and green sea turtles. The area is a nesting ground for these two species between November to February.

How to get to Duli Beach?

From El Nido town it’s about an hour away (25-30 kilometers). You can easily rent a bike for 400 php for the day. Or, alternatively, you can just shoot us a message at 09497676618 to arrange a tricycle ride for 1200-1400 php, good for 3-4 people.

  1. From town proper head north towards Nacpan.
  2. After around 10 km keep left at the Pasadena/Bucana sign.
  3. After 14-15 kilometers turn left at the Bucana sign (it’s green).
  4. Drive for 4 kilometers and keep right at the junction.
  5. Continue for 1 kilometer and you’ll see a Duli Beach sign on your left.

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Where to stay in Duli Beach?

You only have one option in terms of hotel accommodation. A Dutch (we’re pretty sure they are Dutch) couple has built 3 bungalows nestled between coconut trees in front of the beach with gorgeous sea views! Duli Beach Resort currently charges 2500 per night with breakfast and runs a small restaurant with a menu of the day with options ranging from a pasta, a catch of the day fish, and a local dish such as adobo.

We came in for a day trip and found the prices reasonable and perfect for a break from our own hotel work.

Since there is a limited number of bungalows offered, I believe it would be possible to pitch a tent and camp. This hasn’t been confirmed but if locals ask for payment give them a small fee as to not offend the caretakers of the land there.

For stays in El Nido check out The Birdhouse El Nido for a unique glamping experience.


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