Dead Animals Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World- An epic display of taxidermy

August 17, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

Visit San Antonio, they’re real friendly out here. The people of San Antonio are some of the friendliest we’ve encountered in America.


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as you enter their main door

This post is mainly about the experience we had at the Bass Pro Sports- Outdoor World store. I had impressions of what it would look like in my mind and asked Aaron if this would meet expectations as we were both screaming in the car to stop and take a look while the girls were trying to calm us down. He was quite enthusiastic and adamant that we go visit and that our expectations would be exceeded. Upon parking and walking to the front of the store we saw a myriad amount of antlers and animal skulls. This was all in preparation for entering the largest collection of taxidermy I’ve ever encountered. Seeing animals in real life throughout the various parks a few weeks prior to this visit seemed unreal. To see the end product of the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect was indescribable. We went through the doors and were hit with the incredible cold air-conditioning you see in the America. There is no moderation here. It’s cold or go home! We made our way up the stairs towards the African animals. This was all quite comparable to the American Natural History museum we visited in New York with all the dinosaurs and other animals on display. One striking difference was the camping, hunting and fishing apparel sold next to the animals. Obviously we weren’t shopping. We visited the African animals section educating ourselves of what Africa’s big five consists of. From there we circled around seeing much of the deer family including various foes, does, elk, moose, and caribou along the walls. Slowly we we’re encouraged by the ladies to get our butts moving to eat dinner.

For some reason Aaron kept wanting to eat a hot dog and insisted they had some. We went downstairs looked at the 28,000 gallon aquarium which featured the various species of fresh water fish likely found in Texas including catfish, carp, a huge alligator gar, bass, and much more. Looking at the website to confirm some facts we found that there was an archery range where you could practice your bow skills. Additionally, there is a casting demo for those interested in fishing and learning the movement of lures and how fish react to them.

Our other friend Casandra stopped us and asked, “Do you we smelled that?” That “that” was syrup and pancakes. We didn’t find the syrup and pancakes but instead stumbled upon a vendor of fudge. This created the impression of San Antonio being such a friendly place because of the people we interacted with. For me the idea of handing people various fudge flavors and seeing their reactions and smiles would be a great job. Needless to say the fudge confectionist was friendly. We ended up trying the following flavors-  cookies and Cream, orange creme soda, truffle, peanut butter chocolate, Butterfinger, Nestle Tolls Butterscotch, and mint chocolate. We went with the cookies and cream and the orange soda. He rang us up, $7.04. I asked Camille for 4 cents and upon doing so an older lady (likely retired) was trying to find some pennies. She said she didn’t have 4 cents but provided us with the 3 cents we were short after finding our own penny. I thanked her and was on my way. Her husband came by and asked her what that was all about. She told him loud enough for us to hear that she had just given me a smooch (smooch being her word for kiss). I jokingly ran away, told my friend Aaron, “This guy is probably an ex-Marine or military guy!” As I mentioned this he had turned around wearing a Navy hat, clearly retired and said he hoped his wife wasn’t giving me a hard time. We thanked the couple and made our way out. When we were walking to our car we saw the both of them very close together holding hands and being 2 young couples we really appreciated the kindness they had towards us and their love towards each other. Budget travelers another free cultural experience, welcome to southern hospitality in San Antonio friends!

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