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Laguna de Apoyo- Dengue Fever hits and the Seahawks lose Super Bowl 49

March 3, 2015

We traded colonial Granada for then lake shores of Laguna de Apoyo. This quick drive allows for great day trips for those with limited time. We originally had plans to stay the weekend at Paradiso Hotel and spend the rest of the week volunteering with The Peace Project. These plans didn’t fall through as I felt sick and started running a terrible fever. 3 days in and after a heartbreaking Super Bowl 49 Seahawks loss we decided to go to the hospital as I wasn’t feeling any better. Being the amazing wife that she is and my stubborn nature, Camille convinced me to go to the hospital. She was so frustrated because we were told we would go to an English speaking hospital but ended up in a spanish speaking clinic. We sat in a room and in a hospital full of only Spanish speakers. Me interpreting and translating medical terms to Camille didn’t help out. You have to understand that her heart is bigger than the sun and she wanted to know everything so she could to help me out. She had questions that I couldn’t translate and ask. Being sick and taking care of your Love is part of what 365traveldates is about. Let’s just call this one the sick date. During my 5 days of illness she never went on the beach for a swim. 97% of the time she was next to me even when I urged her to go out and enjoy some of the lake. She said, “it’s not fair for me to enjoy this place when your here sick and hurting.” Find a spouse like this, the best!

After recovering we hit the a bigger lake soon to be a canal comparable to the Panama. Ometepe Island was the perfect destination after dengue. One lake for another.

Assuming you don’t get dengue and visit Laguna de Apoyo here what you need to know.

Getting in and out
From Granada check out Oasis Hostel and likely other hostels for transportation $12-14 for a round trip ride and
Cheapest place to stay is The Peace Project hostel. Cheapest doesn’t mean low service or shitty beds. This is an awesome place and we had a meal with the manager and volunteer coordinator of the place. We would have moved here but I was far too weak to carry both my backpack and daypack. Food was good and reasonably priced. We had a huge quesadilla and a pizza (made from scratch).

Stay- Paradiso hotel

This hotel is great for day trippers and mainly caters to them. Too be honest we felt a bit neglected the first couple of days and didn’t have great service. However, one sweet lady was very helpful in getting us a taxi and finding a hospital. They moved us around as they had reservations for the room we were staying in and were completely flexible knowing and understanding how I was feeling.

The hotel has a TV (this was important as it was Super Bowl weekend), kayaks for rent, a pool table, a nice bar setting on the lake shores, a ping-pong table, a little dock 20 feet off shore, and kayaks included in the price of your stay or day trip. We recommend staying for at least a night since room start at $30 and would only be a couple bucks more than your day trip entrance.  If you enjoy the tranquility of the lake you can get involved in the numerous volunteer efforts on the lake.

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