Hotel Refugio de Montana Boquete – our take

April 25, 2015


Off of Volcancito road 5 minutes before reaching the town center is the humble getaway Hotel Refugio de Montana. This is the fancier sister to Hostel Refugio del Rio in town. This 10 room boutique hotel provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of travel and the city life as well as rest from any of the numerous hikes in the area.  We were welcomed by a well landscaped drive way and a decent hotel facade with rot iron metal doors which were really appealing. Camille really enjoyed the foyer as it was nicely decorated and had warm furnishings & antique lighting fixtures. The lobby area leads to the garden which is a very nice open space  that has a rustic setting with wooden logs as seats and recycled wood as tables. While sitting outside, we were serenaded by the song of various birds including kiskadees and tanagers. Wifi and coffee are provided so pull up a chair, bring your Birds of Panama book and relax. We both imagined the garden as as a perfect venue for an outdoor wedding. They even had barbecue grills and an outdoor pizza oven set up, though we never got to use them.

While the hotel is a little bit out of town, the reception is more than happy to call you a taxi and give you the local price. Nestor and the rest of the staff are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can arrange hikes, coffee tours, and get restaurant recommendations in Boquete through the front desk. The entire staff is friendly. Camille and I met the owner, Luchini at his other hotel. After enjoying pizza and a nice conversation about interior design, Boquete, and Panama we we’re happy to hear about how he ran his business and the hotel. Camille being an interior design loved the imported Bali wood furniture as well as the decorations in and outside of the room. The warm colors, comfortable bed, combined with a fridge and 32 inch TV allows for some R & R.  Also, you’ll end up running into your neighbors considering how small and intimate the hotel setting is. Overall we we’re happy to get a few days of rest and for the price it’s great value. Fresh air, quite space, nice views of the mountains, and great people, what more could you ask for in a hotel!

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