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Hey guys, just a snippet on how everything started. We met in the Philippines through friends who made us realize what we already knew and have in our hearts. Love.  We are loved.. (we know, that sounds a bit cheesy but,)  this is how our relationship grew. We live through the knowledge that we’re loved so we’d like to reciprocate it to the world.
Mark and I dated and had a long distance relationship for awhile. He asked me to marry him, I said yes and from there, got married, moved to Shanghai, China and eventually got an amazing French bulldog named Pepper. We’ve always thought of travelling for a year  even when we were dating, so after being married for a year we took a 2 month long trip to southwest China and had an amazing travel journey. We realized how great this trip was for our relationship so from then on, we’ve decided that we’ll have to take a year off to see the rest of the world. Finally after working for 3 more years, saving and being cooped up in our respective offices, we finally decided to fire our bosses and travel. For the full story check out this article that went viral, A year-long honeymoon: One traveling couple’s adventure
This blog is a place where we share our year’s worth of travel dates,  journals, photos, videos and some tips on how we were able take this adventure. This is also a way for our families and friends to keep track of where we’re at in our journey. We want you to join us as well and be a part of our sweet escapes. If you have tips and recommendations kindly hit us up through our contact page 🙂 We’d love to hear from you.

  • http://hitchhikershandbook.com Hitch-Hikers Handbook

    Great blog, guys! Thanks a lot for connecting with us on Twitter! You should complete this section as we would love to learn more about you 😉 Keep up the great work and travel safe!

    • 365traveldates

      Thanks for the message. Your our first commenter 🙂 We’re just starting our blog and haven’t really “launched” it yet. Going to get some work done once we’ve fired our bosses (quit our jobs) and start traveling at the end of this month.

      • http://hitchhikershandbook.wordpress.com Hitch-Hikers Handbook

        Wow! Sounds amazing! We will be quitting our jobs too at the end of the year to hitchhike across Asia. Good luck guys!

        • 365traveldates

          Let us know if you need any help in Asia. The Philippines is our home and we’ve done a bit of Asia.

          • http://hitchhikershandbook.wordpress.com Hitch-Hikers Handbook

            Thanks, guys! We are planning to hitch from Turkey, via Central Asia, China, Mongolia and Russia back to Europe. Have you been to any of these countries on top of China? Is there anything you’d particularly recommend? And do you know how to obtain multiple entry Chinese visa for 3 months?

          • 365traveldates

            Haven’t done any of Central Asia. In terms of China we’d say do the Silk Road to Beijing and then loop back through the Southwest- Guangxi, Yunnan and QinHai. Multiple entry shouldn’t be an issues just give them an itinerary and pay a little extra. The other thing you could do is just teach English and then you’ll have a work visa 😉

  • http://passportstampz.com passportstampzJay

    Great pictures guys. Hope to see more soon. Would love to connect with you guys more often. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  • http://www.greatbigglobe.com Matt

    Wanted to hop over here and check things out, looks awesome! We’ll definitely be keeping up with you guys and hopefully we can meet somewhere down the road if our paths cross. Good luck and safe travels!

    • 365traveldates

      Hey Matt,
      Thanks for the support. We’re feeling like our site is a bit of a mess and trying to move things over from .com to .org wordpress. We’ll be hitting a lot of the places on your list so hit us up if you have questions. Also since your American, if you haven’t already done so you guys should start travelhacking 🙂

  • http://foec.wordpress.com Alasdair Connell

    love the blog, the tips and photos! huges from Tati & Alasdair Hope you make it safe to my home country 🙂

    • Mark & Camille

      U like photoblogs? Just curious. Love u and t both.

  • Mismatched Passports

    I admire your love story. Cheers and happy travels Mark and Camille! Hope to cross paths with you somewhere in Lain America.

    • http://365traveldates.com 365traveldates

      im working on this collab post and there are so many awesome love stories. glad we get to share them to the world. thanks for you support and comments! yes absolutely we’d love to meet in the region

  • etsy

    Love your story and your blog! This is what my husband and I hope to do too and we’re currently at the “working-to-save-money” stage! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    • http://365traveldates.com 365traveldates

      The working to save money is a great stage. So exciting with all the anticipation. Where yall from? If you’re American you can travel hack. Also you can probably crowdfund small things here and there like memberships to websites for work exchanges. So exciting that you guys are gonna do a big trip!

  • Lady

    Hi Camille and Mark! I recently read an article about your love story and travels. We are envious of your year-long travels :). We’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last couple of years. We recently went to Africa (tanzania & zanzibar) – I can’t believe you guys got robbed in Zanzibar. How scary is that! I am a new blogger and am working on my Africa posts. Check it out when you are available. http://www.worldtravelerlady.com. Best of luck to you and your wife!

    • http://365traveldates.com 365traveldates

      Thanks for stopping in, appreciate the love, support and message. No envy needed- we’re just doing what we know how. We imagine a lot of people are capable of the same and more. Africa is incredible but it has it’s ups and downs just like most (just more extreme). I’m on your blog now and cant wait to see some African posts haha. Keep writing World Traveler Lady!

  • Rashaad Jorden

    A yearlong honeymooon…

    Sounds like Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek

    • http://365traveldates.com 365traveldates

      Hey Rashaad,
      Thanks for the message. We love Honeytrek. We heard of them in the middle of our trip. They’ve been a great support throughout our journey.

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