Home of The Rock- Guatape, Colombia Date #323

May 19, 2015


the breath-taking view after 740 steps

the breath-taking view after 740 steps

740 steps from the entrance of La Piedra de Guatape is the worlds best view. Not really, but according to the signage it is. After a 15-30 minute walk up the steep steps you find yourself with a 360 degree view of a man made lake and the islands that pop out of its water. Depending on when you go there will determine how high or low the water is. This body of water helps supply Colombia with a large amount of hydroelectricity and a source of income from selling to neighboring country Venezuela.



Our intention was to simply climb up The Rock but quickly realized Guatape had more to offer. We got the center of town and the surrounding neighborhoods were so picturesque and colorful with walls painted with pastel colors. We arrived from Medellin and hundreds of Harley’s rolled in for a Harley Davidson Carnival. To our surprise there were a number of charters and bike clubs in Colombia. We were living in Colombia’s version of Sons of Anarchy minus the drugs and violence 😉



Typical transportation in Guatape

Typical transportation in Guatape


A block away from the city center was a lakeside promenade with restaurants, bars, and street vendors lined up. We tried various desserts, sausages, and passed time people watching what we imagined to be city folk on their weekend.


The best sausage in town from one of the street vendors! We could’ve easily eat ten on these chorizos.

At night the square was full of drinking, music, and dancing. We didn’t make it to the party as it was a travel day and we were exhausted from a weekend experiencing Medellin’s nightlife.


After a day of wandering (this is our lives here days) we woke up from a strange Airbnb, ate our leftover Dunkin Donuts and made our way to any public transportation to The Rock. The walk is doable for most people unless you have serious health issues. We we’re glad to be going up before noon as it was significantly cooler and with less crowds.

Street view of the rock

Street view of the rock

DIY Logistics

Getting there-
From Medellin 12,000 COP, 2-2.5 hour bus ride
From Guatape center- 1,500-2,000 bus ride

Entrance ticket- 12,000 COP per adult

The most popular tour from Medellin costs 69,000 COP with breakfast, lunch and transportation but doesn’t include the cost of the entrance ticket.

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