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Glamping in El Nido- Part 1: The Journey to The Birdhouse

September 10, 2016

The Coconut Field

This post is the first of a 3 part series we’ve decided to do. It’s been a long journey for u  to get here and it might be a bit of a journey for you to get to us. We’ve been hosted all around the world and are happy to know we’ll be hosting people in our own home and hotel. Part 1 is The Journey to The Birdhouse, Part 2 The Nests of The Birdhouse and Part 3 The Mother Nest Our Home. We ask that you continue to share our love for travel (and this post). We look forward to seeing you all during your own migration into El Nido whether for a visit or as a possible home.

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After getting out of your tricycle from town or off your 5 hour van ride on the windy Palawan highway from Puerto Princesa you quickly realize there’s much much more to the adventure when you signed up for a stay at The Birdhouse. A short walk to the beach, then a 7 minute trek along the Las Cabanas Beach (locally known as Maremegmeg Beach). At the end of Orange Pearl you’ll see a coconut stand which indicates where you will start to walk away from the beach and into a coconut farm.

The Bamboo Bridge


Prior to August 2016 the locals walked across a creek on a narrow board. For the benefit of our guests and the community we built this bamboo. It’s starting to look a bit like a jungle and while you’ve been told you were going to have a gorgeous view of the ocean you can’t imagine that being in what looks like a forest. A little further you finally get to the beginning of the birdhouse, only after passing jungle fowl, domesticated pigs, and a few local puppies.

The Hike


You’ve been on your feet for awhile and may be weary from the travels you’ve left behind but what lays ahead is a mountain of steps. At this point you don’t know if you’ve made a mistake or the greatest decision for your vacation! Looking back all you see is trees obscuring what’s suppose to be a spectacular of Bacuit Bay. You look up and see more steps.

The Steps


Read the signs or you may have to walk extra steps. The Birdhouse currently has 3 Nests. Before registering you’re allowed to put your things down. We’ve advised everyone to pack lightly though for the stubborn we’re here to help with your luggage.

The View


Finally arriving to your nest set on a large platform you turn around to see wahat going up rewards you with…. Some of the best views in El Nido. You deserve more than just a photo. Settle in and realize why we call this glamour camping.

The Nest


This is your nest, your migration is a vacation from the hustle and bustle of wherever your came from. The big reveal of what’s inside each nest is in Part 2 of our photoblog series.

Please also show love to Simon Gonzaga from The Big Black Backpack who was generous enough to eat our food and surprise us with an unexpected visit with Lovey (the lady photographed). This dude’s got photography skills and has been to El Nido 4 times now.

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