Colombia, South America

Date 335/365- Rock climbing Suesca

June 29, 2015

If it’s not enough to go down 20 meters into the ocean on one single breath we had to push ourselves up and this time more than 20 meters up in the form of rock climbing. An hour out of Bogota is the tranquil countryside setting of the small town Suesca. While there isn’t much to do in the town there are tons of rock to climb. Rocas de Suesca is a 4 kilometer mini mountain range comprised of sandstone rock. Welcome to the birthplace of Colombian rock climbing.


Initially after a disappointing job interview in Bogota we were ready to move to plan B and become salsa dancing professionals in the world’s capital of salsa, Cali. Of course throughout the journey we’ve double dated and had third wheels. This past week has been German filled and for date 335 our friend Sina convinced us to delay our salsa trip so she could take us climbing. This was actually her first time.


Seeing the price of tours for rock climbing we decided to simply roll up into town on a week day and try our luck on finding a guide upon arrival. Of course when we got there nearly everything was closed. This town runs mainly on weekend tourism from Bogota city dwellers and even the lone hostel we saw was locked up. We went into several restaurants and asked about guides and got a couple of numbers. We ended up calling Sebastian who was an amazing guide.

When doing adventure sports for the first time a great guide is essential to easing any stress, anxiety, or doubt about one’s ability in the new sport. Sebastian was perfect and like great locals helps you learn some of the language. While he spoke English he would speak Spanish to us just a bit past our knowledge so that we could acquire more vocabulary.


Sebastian guarantees two things- safety and fun. There isn’t a huge community of certified climbing guides and Colombia’s rock climbing scene is slowly growing. A quick Google search will take you to pages about Suesca. Given the proximity to Colombia and the adventure of backpackers it’s a surprise people aren’t frequenting this area more. However if you do ever find yourself wanting to try rock-climbing come out for a couple hours or a few days. We got in 2 climbs each which was enough to get us sore the next day. We do wish we stayed for at least a couple of days just to do some hikes and relax especially after being in Bogota for over a week.



From Bogota- get a bus or taxi to Transmilenio’s Portal Norte Station- 1,500 COP
Take a bus from Portal Norte to Suesca- 6,000 COP one way (1 hour)

Get dropped off on the main road of Suesca (same place you’ll flag a bus down).

Guide- Call Sebastian at 310-786-3024
2 hrs 40,000; half day (4 hours) 70,000; and full day 140,000 COP
We did two hours which was more than enough.


El Nomada Hostel- bus drops you off here. Get the phone number to book a room especially if your planning to stay during the week. We met a couple that booked a private for 40,000 COP

Camping- There’s a camp site if you follow the railway tracks towards the rock climbing areas. On the left is a welcome sign. 10,000 COP per person. They rent camping gear as well.

*Note we didn’t stay at either of these as we did a day trip from Bogota.


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