The Complete Guide to El Nido Tour A B C D and E

May 1, 2016

El Nido Tour A- Lagoons and Beaches

El Nido is known for it’s beautiful powdery white sand beaches and limestone rock formations. The in between of all these are it’s lagoons. Tour A is El Nido’s most popular tour and subjectively it’s most picturesque.
The Secret Lagoon takes you to a small island surrounded by limestone karst cliffs. Inside a small hole (you’ll likely crawl through) you enter a massive caldera and end up in what was once a cave.
Shimizu Island is famous for the swiftlet nests that produces bird’s nest soup believed to have high nutritional value and healing powers! This island stop is where you will likely be having lunch so while your boatmen and guide prepare your meal feel free to jump into the water and explore the marine life and the coral reef!
As you continue your tour you will stop by the Small Lagoon inside a cove on Manioc Island. To get in you will have to swim or kayak through. Once inside you will be welcomed by turquoise-green waters and surrounded by high limestone cliffs.
entrance to big lagoon
Your next stop will be the Big Lagoon. Unlike the Small Lagoon you should be able to enter with your boat (unless of course you’ve come during low tide, in which case you will walk through the grand entrance). The welcoming water is crystal clear and full of corals and fish. Once inside you can swim inside the deep refreshing water!
 7 Commandoes
As your last stop you will spend the last hour or two of your tour on Seven Commando Beach. Here you can buy some fresh coconut juice or beer as you wait for sunset. For those needing more vitamin sea you can take a dip in the ocean or snorkel a few meters from the shoreline. Look out for turtles and they do roam around in the area.
7 Commandoes

El Nido Tour B- Caves and Beaches

While El Nido is known for it’s beaches and lagoons it’s caves are often overlooked. On Tour B you get a chance to discover some of what’s inside these limestone rock formations, beat the crowds, and get a look at the true diversity of Bacuit Bay!

This tour takes you to Snake Island is made up of a long S-shaped sandbar which is best visited during low tide. At one end of the sandbar is a small island with a short hike to the top of the hill where you can take in panoramic views of El Nido. On the other end is the mainland and a shoreline of mangroves. On both sides of the island are some corals. Your boat captain may prepare your lunch here and if you do end up eating here be cautious of the monkeys that are present as they will come up for food.

From Snake Island you will make your way to Pangalusian Island which offers one of the widest stretches of beach in El Nido. There are areas for snorkeling and diving in front of the beach where coral reefs abound.

Next stop Cudugnon Point and Cave. Here you can explore a small cave and crawl through it’s small opening being rewarded with spectacular rock formations. Inside you can climb up the limestone hill for a different view of the cave.

The beach outside of the cave is nice for sunbathing and there are some corals for snorkeling but be careful with the tide.

Entalula is another white sand beach that has everything for your quintessential beach trip- swimmable blue waters, drastic limestone cliffs, rock formations as shades and gentle waves.

Looping your way back towards the mainland you will have the opportunity to take pictures of Cathedral Cave. If you come during low tide you may have a chance to go in with your boat!

After a short stop at the Cathedral Cave you make your way past tons of other islands you wish you could stop at before finally making it to Pinagbuyutan Island. This island has one of the most majestic landscapes with one of the largest limestone karst cliffs in El Nido next to flat land filled with coconut trees! The water is shallow a few meters from the shoreline but then quickly drops into a sea filled with vibrant corals teeming with marine life! The emerald, green, blue and turquiose waters set on the powder white sand beaches makes this one of El Nido’s top destinations!

Amount (PHP) : 1300 per head

El Nido Tour C- Beaches and Shrines

Bacuit Bay consists of 45 different islands and islets. Tour C explores some of the islands on the outskirts of the bay.

helicopter island 2

One of the most iconic islands in El Nido is Dimumacad and Helicopter Island- named after it’s resemblance to a helicopter when seen from a distance. The island has a 300-meter white sand beach ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Continuing further out the bay is Tapiutan Island. This island is the home of Star Beach and provides visitors with opportunities to go scuba diving and snorkeling.

Matinloc Island is the longest in El Nido and has a secret beach. To get to the beach visitors must swim underwater through a hole. Aside from the secret beach there are two areas for snorkeling Kalmung Beach and Kulasa Beach.


At one of the stops on the island, you can visit Matinloc Shrine a sacred monument built over 30 years ago in honor of the blessed Virgin Mary.

Mantinloc View

 Amount (PHP) : 1400 per head

El Nido Tour D- Cadlao Island and Snorkeling

cadlao lagoon
Cadlao Island is the largest island in El Nido and boasts 12 different beaches many of which are perfect for snorkeling. For those wishing to beat the crowds and have beaches to themselves, Tour D provides the perfect itinerary for tourists.
While you will be seeing many incredible beaches on the tour the highlight is likely to be Cadlao Lagoon. The dramatic entrance filled with corals and an abundance of fish prepares you for the turquoise waters of the lagoon itself!
While there are standard tour stops in Cadlao you may find yourself spending more time on one beach and prefering to stay put.
Amount (PHP) : 1200 per head

El Nido Tour E- Nacpan and Calitang Twin Beaches


Tired of island hopping and want to see what El Nido’s mainland has to offer? Hire a tricycle and head out to Nacpan Beach!

nacpan beach

Being nearly 20 kilometers north from El Nido beaches Nacpan and Calitang collide giving visitors a unique chance to experience pristine white sand twin beaches! Given the rough roads to get here and the long width of Nacpan Beach one can easily have a large portion all to themselves.

twin beach

For those wanting to make it a full day there are two restaurants at the entrance to the beach that serve Filipino food and cold beers and fruit shakes!

calitang beach

If you are looking to mix in some adventure you can easily do so by combining this beach trip with a hike to Nagkalit-Kalit Falls involving an hour long hike crossing 7 different rivers and streams.

This tour is most popular when island hopping tours are cancelled due to weather and sea conditions. Otherwise you will have a large stretch of beach all to yourselves!

Amount (PHP) : 1200-1500 per tricyle good for 3-4 pax


Things you should know
For bookings read out to El Nido Tours on Facebook and send them a message 🙂 Let them know 365traveldates sent ya!
All tours include a BBQ lunch of grilled fish, pork and chicken, salad, fresh fruits, rice and bottled water on the beach. For any special dietary needs please inform your booking office, hotel, or tour company prior to your trip.
Prices include mask and snorkels. Be sure if booking with others to clarify this, some tour companies will tell you that it’s not included and may charge you extra.
Prices quoted are for a minimum of 6 pax.
If you would like to have a private boat/tour we can arrange this for you. Please contact us directly.
Some tours may have alternative tourist destinations depending on weather and sea conditions. Any changes made are for your safety.
Does not include the El Nido Eco Tourism Fee of P200 per person
El Nido Eco-Tourism Development Fund: The Eco-Tourism Development Fee (ETDF) was established in 2008 in an attempt to fund the expenses of environmental maintenance and protection. The ETDF is also used to develop environmental protection projects which aim to limit the impact of tourism on the environment. The fee of P200 per person is assessed on all tourist upon arrival. This fee allows you to discover the Bacuit Bay and El Nido region for 10 days.

Where to stay in El Nido?

The best place to stay in El Nido is The Birdhouse of course! Hosted by yours truly. This is the place we’ve built after our 16 month long honeymoon.

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