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3 Places To Visit On Your First Trip To Thailand

January 19, 2018

  Thailand is amazing, just like the country promotional tourism campaign say – the slogan is Amazing Thailand. That’s because despite not having a massive territory, the country is rich. Culturally rich, with an exuberant nature with forests, a coastline covered by miles and miles of white sandy beaches and islands so beautiful that seem to have come out of a Holywood film. Add to that some beautiful Thai homes and world-class hotels and resorts to suit every taste and budget. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand and long-term travel around the country is not a possibility,  I will…

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Asia, Philippines

Surfing El Nido- Duli Beach

October 27, 2016

Introduction to El Nido El Nido’s paradise fame is drawn mainly from the 45 islands that dot the mini-archipelago of Bacuit Bay. And with more than one hundred budget hotels and inns in El Nido to choose from, you are spoiled for choice when you stay here. While most people tend to be enchanted by the island-hopping experience and the picturesque lagoons they often overlook the mainland beaches such as Duli Beach, which extend over an hour north of El Nido’s town proper. The most popular destination is Nacpan Beach, most famous for its long stretch of wide sand and twin beaches…

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The Complete Guide to El Nido Tour A B C D and E

May 1, 2016

El Nido Tour A- Lagoons and Beaches El Nido is known for it’s beautiful powdery white sand beaches and limestone rock formations. The in between of all these are it’s lagoons. Tour A is El Nido’s most popular tour and subjectively it’s most picturesque. The Secret Lagoon takes you to a small island surrounded by limestone karst cliffs. Inside a small hole (you’ll likely crawl through) you enter a massive caldera and end up in what was once a cave. Shimizu Island is famous for the swiftlet nests that produces bird’s nest soup believed to have high nutritional value and…

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