Ecuador, South America

Bungee Jumping Ecuador

July 17, 2015

Imagine yourself shitting your pants while bungee jumping Ecuador in the middle of the Andes mountain range. This was a huge concern for me on Date 372/365 while visiting what was appropriately called Banos (bathroom in Spanish). We rolled into town and hit up one of one zillion tourist companies and went with the first one. Rookie mistake and we should have saved ourselves about 2 bucks on one of the tours. Hey, two dollars is nearly a lunch with a big bowl of soup, rice, meat, salad, and some dessert. Also it’s halfway to buying a grilled guinea pig. Dollars and cents/sense matters in these instances.

We decided we would go for a swing at La Casa de Arbol and I decided I wanted to jump off a bridge and do a sort of bungee jump in Ecuador. It wasn’t really a bungee jump but a bridge jump/swing. Basically you’re tied to a rope, you jump off a bridge and instead of going straight down you swing back and forth under the bridge.

Before all that, the night before and that particular morning and day I was having a soft stool. I couldn’t figure out why but Camille kept saying maybe it was because I was nervous. Too be honest I wasn’t too bad with the anxiety, more excited about the jump, but worried about staining my underpants with you know what. After coffee, a bathroom break, then lunch, and another bathroom break we were pretty much ready to see me jump off this bridge. Cam ran to the pharmacy real quick while I thought I’d sit back in the restaurant just in case I needed to do the #2 again. No go on the last one. Some medicine popped in my mouth and down into my tummy and we were off.


The guide who was assisting in the jump was great. He calmed the nerves and helped get me up onto the small platform where I would stare down into a river in a gorge about 120 meters below. I’d done this before so I decided not to think much about it, edged up and jumped. A second later all thoughts of diaherrea disappeared and the front end of me and my future children was what I was thinking about as the harness pulled my manhood into my crotch. The jump was so fast and I didn’t really have time to think about it and next thing I knew I was swinging back and forth and slowly being descended.


At the end of the night I spoke to the man at reception and asked him about whether or not it was safe to drink the water from the tap. He told me it was full of all sorts of minerals as they got the water from the mountain, the same water used in the thermal baths. As he began to describe constipation and how the minerals help with alleviating it, Camille was laughing, and we were both discovering that I wasn’t suffering from diaherrea but from a cleanse of the stomach from too much water full of all sorts of minerals (though to only be taken in small amounts, otherwise you know what….).

At the end of the day we survived the bathroom runs, the heavy minerals water, and the jump off the bridge. Welcome to our lives and don’t forget to ask about the water next time you’re overseas or in a different place. But to be fair I had asked another lady the day before who said it was fine…. Maybe ask a couple of people about the water rather than one, just like you would when asking for directions 🙂

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