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Best and worst travel dates- 10 couple’s stories on the road Part 1

April 20, 2015
Best & worst travel dates part1

Best & worst travel dates part1

Over the past week we contacted some of our favorite couple travel bloggers and asked about their best and worst travel dates together and about a time when they felt grateful to have a travel partner.

Love inspires love.

Whether it’s getting to the highest point in Africa, hiking to Machu Picchu, fairy tale proposals, watching volcanoes erupt, or learning how to dogsled in the Artic you’re bound to create some amazing memories and have the best ones be travel dates! Here are the stories we collected. Enjoy and let us know which story is your favorite!



Gerard and Kieu, GQTrippin

Gerard and Kieu, GQTrippin

What was your best travel date (day) together?

To choose just one when we’ve shared so many, it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. November 8th, 2012 — it’s the day Gerard nervously got down on one knee and proposed to me on the Charles Bridge in Prague. We’ve been together for almost a decade and this happened near the tail end of our year-long RTW trip. Any other date that came before it just couldn’t compare. I mean, how do you top an engagement date really? 🙂

About GQ Trippin- We are Gerard and Kieu, GQ for short, and we’re just your normal Bay Area couple who share a love for adventures and good eats from around the world. 6 continents, 40+ countries and an engagement in Prague later, we’ve only scratched the surface. Now home, back on the corporate ladder (and married), we’re getting local and exploring our own backyard to quench our wanderlust thirst.



What was your best travel date (day) together?

Our best ever travel date actually stretches into two days. We had arrived in Peru with little to no money in our pockets, after a bit of a mishap in Riyadh, but we were determined to find a way to see Machu Picchu without having to sell our bodies to pay for the $100 p/p each way train tickets. We found out from the hostel we were working in that we could walk there on our own, just by following the train tracks! We packed a small bag with a change of clothes and some food and set off on the 30km journey, aiming to walk all the way from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu in just one day. The walk was incredible, starting high in the rocky, unforgiving Andes Mountains and slowly flowing down through the Sacred Valley to the leafier and altogether greener, lush vegetation of the Selva Alta, or high jungle. The scenery was some of the most spectacular that we have ever seen and seeing the bemused faces of train passengers as they pass adds a touch of comedy to the whole situation!

About Jon of Two Monkeys- Born in the south of England, Jon spent much of his early childhood in Kenya and Malawi, before moving to the Lake District in North West England aged 13 where he acquired a northern accent and a love for lakes, mountains, waterfalls, black pudding and gravy!  After 14 years of studying and working in various (very various!) jobs, he too felt the need to get out and see the rest of the world.  He loves tropical beaches, surfing, hiking, the outdoors, yoga, adventure sports and motorbikes! Find Jon and Kach at and on Facebook.


 Petra Chappell & Shaun Pearce Founders | Travel Writers | Photographers | Designers

What was your best travel date (day) together?

We’ve had so many amazing days while travelling, but the best one of all was in Koh Tao, Thailand, on Christmas Day in 2013 – we got engaged! We love travelling in Southeast Asia and having such a special celebration on a gorgeous island was just perfect.

Petra and Shaun of The Global Couple are a mid-twenties New Zealand couple who love exploring at home and overseas. They search out amazing street food, scenic road trips, and have a passion for wandering with no destination in mind. They balance writing about the good times of travel with the reality of struggles they have been through while on the road – travel is not always easy! Check out their blog for great New Zealand content as well as posts about North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.


MismatchedPassports LogoWhat was your best travel date (day) together?

It’s quite hard to choose since we have been to many places that we really enjoyed like the Maldives, Santorini, Granada (Spain), Sintra (Portugal) etc. One of the memorable ones is the first time we saw Lake Bled in Slovenia. It is indeed like a scene from a fairy tale. It is a really romantic and very stunning place we will never forget.

Meet Jon and Gia, a world travelling couple whose passports are enemies. They are from different worlds, Jon’s New Zealand passport is loved by all while Gia’s FIlipino one is often subject to question. Despite their Mismatched Passports, they defied the odds to be together on a journey around the world.  Share their stories of love and travel at


Atlas and bootsWhat was your best travel date (day) together?

There are many to choose from but our visit to Mount Yasur on Tanna Island in Vanuatu was simply incredible. It’s one of the most accessible active volcanoes in the world. As soon as we arrived, we heard a deep rumbling from its depths before seeing red hot lava shot into the air. We watched multiple eruptions as darkness fell across the mighty crater. By 7pm, we had the entire volcano to ourselves. We watched the embers glow and realised just how lucky we were to be travelling together. Watch their video on top of Mount Yasur here.

About Kia and Peter- Atlas and Boots is an adventure travel blog charting a journey across the Pacific Ocean and South America with amusing stories, inspiring images, honest advice and the occasional silly video. Its creators, author Kia Abdullah and  photographer  Peter Watson, quit their jobs in August 2014 and began their trip with a 36-hour journey from London, through Singapore and Brisbane, to their final destination of Vanuatu.


hitchhike mozambique (1)What was your best travel date (day) together?

Learning to drive a dogsled in the Arctic Circle, listening to traditional Sami folk yoiks, sharing a delicious meal around a warm fire, and close out a magnificent day watching the Northern Lights dance over the Lapland tundra.  The thrill, beauty, and sense of accomplishment was pure magic. Read about it here.

About Anne and Mike: Traveling for 675-days across six continents and 33 countries, Anne & Mike Howard are the World’s Longest Honeymooners. is where their journey unfolds, while their writing and photography have also been featured in acclaimed publications such as Condé Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, CBS, and dozens of international publications.  Extremely passionate about long-term travel, they’ve decided to take all they’ve learned from their two years on the road and help more people mobilize their journey with HoneyTrek Trip Coach: one-on-one workshops for gap years, career breaks, extended honeymoons, and any trip more than a couple weeks. They have helped dozens of people of realize their travel dreams and hope to give anyone with wanderlust the support, tools, and skills to make long-term travel a reality.


Anthony and Britney from the World Lingering LinguinesWhat was your best travel date (day) together?

Through our travels we always have special day dates to try and be romantic at interesting locations. Like most of our adventures they always seem to keep us astonished by how great they turn out so it can be hard sometimes pin pointing the best. Our first journey through the Road to Hana has over 600 turns and over 51 lane bridges. The funny part is we did not expect this. It came to a surprise that the road was dream-like in ways I guess at the time we could not imagine. It was an very narrow road on the side of cliffs that lead us to some of the most majestic places on earth in our eyes. Sometimes it’s the little things like taking in the view, taking your time at every turn to feel the blessed breeze, and speaking to one another without actually talking. It was absolute bliss being there together in those moments. We felt connected with each other more than usual as well with the spirit of aloha.


Hannah and Adam

Hannah and Adam


What was your best travel date (day) together?

For us one of the highlights of our trip was our Overland Safari in Africa at the end of our first year of travel. We had an amazing time camping from Nairobi all the way to Cape Town. If I had to pick a single day, it would have to be the day we took a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls. The falls were at their peak for the year when we took a small helicopter right over the misty falls and through the canyon. Overlanding in Africa can be a challenge sometimes, but it’s worth every moment. You just need the right safari packing list, and a good travel partner.

Meet Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped. Currently they are on a Round-the-World trip “GETTING STAMPED” in 47 countries on our travels since June 2013. They had the “American Dream”, got married, owned a house, had great corporate jobs, lived very comfortably, BUT something was wrong. They worked way too much and had little time off. They escaped abroad with every spare minute of holiday time, but it was never enough. Shortly after they  got married a buzzer went off telling us ‘It’s now or never’. They felt ourselves getting a bit too normal, and that’s scary. Their solution: Pack their bags and head out on an epic trip of a lifetime!


Lesh and Jazza from NOMADasaurus

Lesh and Jazza from NOMADasaurus

What was your best travel date (day) together?

Best travel date has to be exploring Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave in Phong Nha, Vietnam. Although it was five days instead of one ‘travel date’, and we were with a lot of other people, being able to experience the sublime beauty of this phenomenal example of nature at its best with each other was unforgettable. It was also the place that we got engaged, making it all the more special.

Meet Lesh and Jazza, travel writers and photographers who have been travelling the world together since 2008. Currently backpacking overland from Thailand to South Africa without taking any air transport, this site is about sustainable long-term adventure travel based on our own exciting experiences.


Audrey and Dan of Uncornered Market

Audrey and Dan of Uncornered Market

What was your best travel date (day) together?

It’s a bit impossible to choose just one. Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro was a pretty incredible day, as it was one of the hardest things we’d ever done and we supported each other all the way up, switching roles depending upon who was more tired at the time. We were so proud of each other once we got to the top. The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal was another fantastic journey together, although this was 15 days. It was the first time we had done an extended trek and we realized that we both could do it, and it’s something we wanted to do more of together.

As for “ordinary” travel days together, what makes them great is when there is an element of serendipity where you start off the day with a general plan, but then the people you meet and the circumstances end up taking on a life of their own and you end up with an even better experience than you had imagined.

Meet Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife storytelling team behind  Uncornered Market.  At the end of 2006, they left their office jobs for what was meant to be a 12-18 month creative sabbatical to travel the world. Over 90 countries and eight years later, they are still going…and still married.


David & Veronica, The GypsyNesters

David & Veronica, The GypsyNesters

What was your best travel date (day) together?

It is certainly difficult to pick just one day out of the past few years, but climbing up to the sun temple at Machu Picchu to watch the sunrise qualifies as a best day. It was even better because it was only a few days away from the solstice so the rays aligned almost perfectly with the window.

Meet the GypsyNesters- David & Veronica are experiencing the collision of Baby Boomer and Empty Nester. Upon sending their youngest out into the big, wide world, they set out to break the empty nest rules by selling everything and hitting the road. To become more than empty nesters, to be gypsies, GypsyNesters! Along the way they rediscovered the couple who fell in love years ago and chronicled their journey in a new book, Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All. ( Read more about their escapades at


A trip to an island merits a dip. There's tons of hotel beaches in Cebu.

A trip to an island merits a dip. There’s tons of hotel beaches in Cebu.

What was your best travel date (day) together?

It’s always hard to choose just one date when you commit yourself to a 365traveldates or a one year long honeymoon. Our trip to the roof of Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro was our biggest achievement! Considering we aren’t super hikers we thought this is one of our accomplishments. We had a rough time in Africa and this trek made us further our sentiments with our love/hate relationship in Africa.


Now that you’ve finished this marathon of great stories get ready for the worst travel dates still very much full of romance and adventure. In part two we also hear about why we are grateful for having a travel partner. Love in travel, travel in love! Part 2 here.

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