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A story of how we randomly ended up in a car with Two Monkeys in Costa Rica

March 27, 2015
Miguelito with his lovers  and our one of our rides for the day


The universe (or whatever you wanna call it) with its infinite wisdom and positive vibes sends love towards us in the most random moments possible. A story of how we randomly and literally ended up in a car with Two Monkeys.

If you open you eyes you may see monkeys like we did in Corcovado as sign for more to come

If you open you eyes you may see monkeys like we did in Corcovado as sign for more to come

After messaging Kach (and Jon from Two Monkeys Travel Blog) for the past few months we found out we would all be in Costa Rica at the same time and loosely tried to meet up. Since our schedule didn’t quite work we just thought maybe we would meet them in another place and time. Camille and I had just finished our first work exchange and couldn’t decide whether to go to Manuel Antonio, another beach or go see animals in Corcovado. We ended up choosing the later only a couple days prior to actually going. We both thought about contacting Kach and Jon but thought they would be on the beach further up north and forgot about it. Besides, the last time we messaged it seemed like they were doing their own thing and that we were doing ours. Little did we know that their thing and our thing were the same thing at the same time.

After finishing our tour at Corcovado National Park and staying near Drake’s Bay (Poor Man’s Paradise) our morning boat back into Sierpe never showed up. We ended up sharing a ride with a Dutch tour group of nearly 20 people. We got into town and asked around hoping for a cheap ride or even possible hitch hike. We nearly got one but the dude had his mom and dad in the car and a load of other stuff in the back. That was a no-go. I met up with Camille at a restaurant and we tried to figure out how to get out of town. On my way to her I saw a bit of a beat-down looking car (whom we will refer to as #miguelito) being driven by a white dude. When we got to the restaurant we used the free wifi before continuing our search and saw a girl sitting down on her own. Being one with a great eye I thought she was Filipina and then when Cam and I saw a white dude step out of Miguelito we both thought,”TWO MONKEYS!” We approached Kach and introduced ourselves as if we’d already “met.” We kinda did online.

Filipinos love selfies :)

Filipinos love selfies :)

They were kind enough to let us hitch a ride as they were on their way to Manuel Antonio. The universe allowed us to get our free ride, to meet two of our favorite bloggers, and to have our first conversation with a Filipina traveler since we started our 1 year journey! It’s always a treat for Camille to speak Tagalog especially since I only understand 95% of Tagalog.

We missed our first boat, we missed the connecting bus, we missed Filipinos and Tagalog but we didn’t miss out on the signs and opportunities the journey have thrown at us. Thank you God, thank you universe, thank you Kach, thank you Jon and thank you for missed connections only to find desired connections.

Below are some things we picked up and were reminded of from our chat over coffee with Kach and Jon:

  1. Don’t ever sell yourself short
  2. Approach people with confidence
  3. Don’t worry about money it all works out
  4. Rides come and go, roll with it
  5. When you think it’s time to say good-bye it sometimes really isn’t
  6. Some people will use you, cut them off before they can do more damage, forgive and move on
  7. When you have something to say, say it, if it’s worth anything people will hear it. We all have our story, tell it
  8. Gas is more expensive in Costa Rica
  9. One of the two in each travel couple should be kuripot (loosely translated as a tight-wad or frugal depending on which partner is speaking)
  10. Missed connections are open doors and opportunities

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