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10 reasons why you should travel with your life-long partner

August 12, 2015

10 reasons why you should travel with your life-long partner

You know that feeling when you think your life is just a cycle of boring routines. You and your love come home after work, ask how each of your day was and eat dinner over an episode of Game of Thrones or Modern Family, maybe both. Check Facebook and possibly have a conversation about other people’s lives… “Did you know so and so are married? So and so have kids,” “no way?!” Move on with your night, shower, last look on Facebook then sleep. The next day comes and it’s exactly the same. And even when you go out on a date. You start with a couple of I love you’s and how you feel that it’s a great idea to go out. Then after a few bites you still have nothing to talk about. You start people watching and seeing which table you’re going to talk about next.

Where is the romance? Where did it all go? What happened to the spark you had when you were first dating? Is it going to be like this forever? Why does it feel like you’re the most boring couple in the world? It’s scary!

But it’s normal, we’ve been there and know exactly how you feel. Even though other couples might put exciting pictures and selfies at a concert, or a walk in a park with their dog, it’s not as exciting as it looks when you get married. I know, as harsh as it might sound its true. And this is one big reason why you definitely have to travel with your partner. And 10 more below. I’m sure once you see all these reasons you’ll be out of your door and ready for your next vacation!

Think of it as a honeymoon (it always is!)

We’d like to think that every vacation is a honeymoon, not only that people treat you better but you feel a lot better on your trip. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 3 years or 20 years, it’s a honeymoon. If you want to keep that spark alive you have to work for it. Age and years are just numbers but love is worth celebrating each day of your life.

To the smartest most stubborn but incredibly loving and sweet person I know, happy 30th birthday love!!! I'm more than grateful for your life and all the beauty, flaws and every single detail of it. You are a wonderful human being head to toe. You've always been keen on searching adventure, beauty and life everywhere you go and it just makes it extra special seeing you grow and mature with all the experiences we've had. You're my one and only lover, friend, partner, travel buddy, protector, supporter and of course the love of my life.. I wish for you to not stop living your life the way you do. You inspire me in so many ways, you truly are my favorite person in the world and I'm glad I can share all these stories and experiences with you… I love you to the moon and back and so so so much more. Happy happy birthday! You definitely are LIVIN' THE DREAM!!! #birthdaylove #livinthedream #30isagoodnumber #travel #365traveldates

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Kids are never a problem

Do you have kids? Ditch them. I’m kidding! You can always take them or leave them with grandma. We’ve seen families not only traveling with their kids but backpack with them. In fact sure enough they always find something to do. Kids actually adapt better than us so this would also be a perfect learning experience for them. If they’re  too young it’s still not an excuse since you don’t have to pay for their airplane seats.

Time is not an issue when you’re building everlasting memories

No time? Does it seem impossible? It’s not an excuse, you make time if you want to build exciting memories. Wouldn’t it be awesome to recall times being on the beach, sipping cocktails? Or a date in Paris or maybe a marvelous time when you reached the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro? You build a thousand memories in a few days on a vacation versus a month of being home. Time will only be an issue if you make it. Prioritize.

You see each other in a different setting and it’s romantic

Try looking at your wife or husband at home and stare at them while eating or just stare at them in the couch. Doesn’t it feel awkward? But if you’re in an entirely different setting, say for example the beach or laying on the sand and just looking at each other, then it becomes a different story. Your romantic love story.  These are the moments you live for. 

You grow together

Since you’re isolated from everyone else and there’s only the two of you that know each other in a particular destination, you get to know each other a lot better. You tend to cope with different situations with each other. You get to know that you can work well together. You see each other’s fears and you understand each other a lot more because you’re actually paying attention and living in the moment.


Vacations makes for more reflections

You tend to reflect on how life is beautiful and you end up becoming more grateful for your partner more than ever. Seeing a sun setting in a peaceful landscape can be so beautiful it warms your heart and brings all the ‘lovey-dovey’ stuff out to share. You question where you’re at, where you’ve been and where you want to be.


You’ll fight and that’s not a bad thing

It’s a wonderful test of relationship without the giving up part. Normally people would advise you to travel before getting married because you have a choice to actually back out. We’ll when your married it gives you a reason to not back out. Which speaks more of love because you end up fighting for what your relationship is meant for… Forever.


You’ll be reminded why you fell in love in the first place

Travel is a good reminder of how everything started between you and your partner. Since you’re far from everything, you actually focus on just talking and seeing nothing else but you two. You always wonder why your partner looks more attractive when you’re on a vacation. Well it’s because you’re both relaxed and not thinking about anything else but each other. Even if you fight you actually forgive a lot faster because you don’t want to spoil such a beautiful scene.


You have something to look forward to

Remember every single vacation when you come home feeling so refreshed and you promised yourselves you’ll do it again? That’s one of the beauties of travel, it’s more special if you share it with a loved one. Excitement makes you feel younger, it sparks the adventurer in you and your partner.

It’s the perfect gift (for both of you)

Need I say more? Everyone needs a break once in a while from the ‘real world.’ Take the plunge and travel, breathe some fresh air and see that in all of those get-aways, the most important thing to remember is not the destination but the time you spend with each other. Makes it even easier since now you can even purchase adventures and experiences as gifts through different sites like Tinggly! Heck, it’s a gift of a lifetime. Remember material things won’t last too long but memories, you have forever.

Having an exciting life is a choice. Life isn’t all fairytales and happy endings. If you want to have a romantic life, you have to work for it, you have to choose it. That’s the wonderful thing about marriage and a lifelong commitment. It’s not anymore about how the guy needs to constantly pursue the girl, it’s about the pursuit of each other, committing to it until forever. Now go and pack up, it’s time for you and your better half to start creating adventures of a lifetime!

Happy travels!

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